Dock Lighting Ideas & Considerations

When you add lighting to your boat dock or pier, you need to consider several dock lighting ideas. Factor in the following important features to achieve a practical yet eye-catching dock. 

Boat Safety

When boats return at nighttime, the operators must have sufficient lighting. This is true whether an approaching boat docks on your property or a neighboring one. By illuminating your dock, you help operators avoid collision and safely return the vessel to its home. Underwater dock lights are ideal for this purpose—you might even invest in red or green lighting to provide color-coded safety signals.


You also must make sure anyone navigating the area on foot has enough visibility. Without proper lighting after dark, someone may trip and get hurt. Additionally, if visitors can’t see the edge of the pier, they may fall into the water. If you have a dock on your property, it’s your responsibility to make it safe for those using it. 

LED Lighting vs. Traditional Lighting

Though traditional lighting may cost less initially, there are many long-term cost benefits to choosing LED dock lights. These last much longer than the classic lamps (light bulbs), which means you’ll spend less money replacing them. LED lamps (light bulbs) also use much less electricity, so you’ll notice no increase in your energy costs as well. Overtime, LED dock lighting offers a much more cost-effective option.

Aesthetics and Ambiance

You can’t discount the impact that dock lighting can have on the space’s mood and aesthetic appeal. Ambient light can highlight stylish design and architectural details, and it can become an artistic statement on its own.

At Lake Norman Electric, our professional Electricians deal with these dock lighting designs every day. We provide expert recommendations and dynamic dock lighting ideas for your unique space. Contact us today for pier power and lighting help.  

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