Outdoor Dock Power & Lights


If you need dock power and lights on Lake Norman, North Carolina and the surrounding areas, we are here to go above and beyond your expectations. At Lake Norman Electric, our pier/dock electrical services are completed promptly by highly trained, Electricians who understand what quality workmanship entails. 

     When you turn to us, your new lighting will look better, last longer, and meet National Electrical Code standards. Our services may include wiring and installing boat lifts, sea wall and beach lighting, and pier panels. We can also help you maintain your dock and/or accent lighting to ensure its effectiveness for many years to come. 

     We are a highly experienced Electrical Contractor. One of the main things that sets our operations apart from the rest is that we only use exterior and marine grade electrical products when we work on related projects. We do this to guarantee the maximum life possible for your pier or your dock and to ensure you are completely satisfied with our procedures and technicians. 

     For more information about our pier/dock electrical services, please contact us at Lake Norman Electric today. As your electrical team, we are eager to earn your business and look forward to meeting the specific needs of your project. 


LED Dock Lighting

LED lighting can add security and beauty to your dock or pier.  

You have created a beautiful dock. Now make it shine with LED dock lighting! 

     Lake Norman Electric’s LED lighting highlights important dock features and suppresses unattractive details. Additionally, good dock lighting design promotes safety and security. Marine dock lights deter criminal activity and allow you and your guests to safely navigate the area. 

     LED lights use a smaller amount of electricity and last longer compared to traditional lamps (light bulbs), which will save you money and will cut down on energy consumption. Our expert Electricians can install a variety of commercial and residential dock lighting systems to get the desired effect for your property.  

     Lake Norman Electric can provide lighting design services to ensure that your dock is tastefully lit and provides an appropriate amount of illumination to safely navigate your dock and surrounding area. Lake Norman Electric is an expert at creating the proper LED Dock Lighting plan that will complement and illuminate your dock or pier.


Pier Power and Lights

     For outdoor dock power and lights, Lake Norman Electric is the Specialist. Lake Norman Electric provides installation and repair services for all pier power and lighting systems, including wiring and installation of pier pedestals, LED and traditional light fixtures, as well as weatherproof outlets. We’ll make sure we safely install the right amount of power to your pier. 

     With over 41 years of pier power experience, Lake Norman Electric offers quality workmanship. A dock project completed by Lake Norman Electric will last longer, look better, and meet National Electrical Code Standards. 

On pier installations all Lake Norman Electric installed conduit and wire is concealed where possible… We use only exterior / marine grade electrical products to guarantee the maximum life possible for YOUR pier and dock.


Pier or Dock Troubleshooting

  Do your lights flicker or burn out quickly, breakers continually trip, or are your dock’s outlets not functioning? Let us be your go-to Electricians to get the repairs done right. 

     Troubleshooting dock electrical issues is not a "Do It Yourself” project. If you don’t know what you are doing, the results could lead to long periods without power, additional repair costs, or possibly serious injury. 

Don’t handle this job yourself. Lake Norman Electric will inspect, diagnose, and repair the problem at hand. Our expert Electricians have the technical knowledge to solve your “mystery” electrical problems. 

At Lake Norman Electric, we make sure your pier or dock electrical system is safe, to code, and meeting all your electrical needs. Leave the mystery solving to us. Let our experts troubleshoot your pier or dock electrical problems. We are experts at this.


 For more information about our outdoor dock power and lights, contact us at Lake Norman Electric today. We’ll show you how we can help with your upcoming pier or dock lighting project. As your Electrical Team, we are eager to earn your business and look forward to meeting the specific needs of your project.