Types of Residential Lighting Fixtures

Lake Norman Electric proudly offers comprehensive home lighting design and installation. We know lighting can be a tough decision in a remodel or new construction project, so we strive to make it easier. Think about these types of residential lighting fixtures and consider how you might use each one in your home. 


Installing a chandelier can create a dramatic effect in any space. These light fixtures are often stylized and architectural, so there are many options to choose from. You can select a fixture that appeals to your unique design preferences. While these can emit light strong enough to illuminate an entire room, they also work well as spotlights over dining tables or beds.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan installation can add a similar impact to a chandelier, but it comes with the benefit of air circulation. Homes that lack central air conditioning often feature ceiling fans, but they’re also common in areas like North Carolina where the weather can get especially hot. They provide the perfect blend of function and style.

Recessed Lights / Down Lights / High “Hat” Fixtures

If you have a large space in need of low-key fixtures, recessed lighting offers the ideal solution. You frequently find this option in kitchens and living areas because they provide balanced illumination throughout the entire room. Their subtlety makes them a good choice when you don’t want to focus on the light fixture.


Unlike most light fixtures, sconces attach to the wall instead of the ceiling. These are often used for accent lighting or ambient lighting because they only illuminate a small area. You can use scones anywhere in your home, but they work well in hallways or alcoves. You might also consider installing sconces on either side of the bed to act as the perfect reading lights. 

Task Lights

Task lights provide more versatility—use them anywhere you need extra light. Whether you want additional lighting at your vanity, craft table, desk, or under your cabinets, these small fixtures improve visibility where you need it most.

Now that you reviewed each type of residential lighting, you can start your home lighting plan. Contact Lake Norman Electric for superior service and quality execution.